Get cash to people that need it – when they need it.

Send funds to anyone in the UK via SMS message allowing the recipient to withdraw cash instantly from over 17,000 participating ATMs without the need for a card or bank account. 


Emergency Cash Payments

Cash Perks provides a convenient way to get cash immediately to beneficiaries for hardship grants and other welfare payments.

  • Ideal solution for local authorities, housing associations, charitable trusts and other public bodies.
  • Instant delivery of funds directly to your designated recipient even those without bank accounts or where accounts are overdrawn or inactive. 

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Consumer Incentives and Rewards

Cash Perks offers an innovative solution to reward and engage your existing customers as well as acquiring new ones.

  • Unique delivery of rewards, rebates, refer-a-friend, loyalty and promotional campaigns.
  • Instant customer gratification and tailored marketing messaging.  
  • Remove the need to send cheques or request and securely retain personal bank account details.  

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Loan disbursement and saving withdrawals

Financial institutions such as Credit Unions and CDFIs can now use Cash Perks to transfer cash funds instantly to their customers.

  • Give your customers immediate access to their cash without the need to issue a card or visit a branch.
  • Ideal for distributing saving or approved loan funds.  

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Recipient details and payment amount is individually or batch uploaded via secure web-based portal.
Recipient receives a text message with transaction details (and a secret code sent separately).
Recipient goes to their nearest participating ATM using the geolocator in their text message.
Recipient follows the instructions and inputs the credentials to withdraw cash without the need for card or bank account.



Innovative new mechanism for getting cash payments in real-time to any person without the use of a card or bank account.


No initial set-up or development costs, just a fixed fee per transaction based on the fund amount and volumes.


Dedicated secure web-based portal enabling individual or bulk order upload, management and performance reporting.


Communications direct to customer’s mobile phone with the ability to embed follow-up messages and links.


Certain delivery of fund directly to the designated recipient with the ability to track redemption.



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